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Why Headphones Are Better Than Earbuds

If you or someone you know needs to use an educational audio program -- either on a computer or some sort of audio equipment -- you know that being able to concentrate on the program is key. Blocking out other sounds helps reduce distractions. But if you're thinking that canal-blocking earbuds are the way to go, think again. Headphones offer more advantages that can benefit users in the long run.

Less Irritation

Any pair of headphones is going to touch your skin, but they can be a lot gentler than earbuds. Headphones rest on top of the ear or around the ear, but earbuds have to be stuffed into the opening of the ear canal. That can irritate the skin there if you keep taking the buds out and putting them back in. But with headphones, you don't have to worry about scraping across skin -- you just lift off the headphones.

This is especially important for little children who may have to use education headphones as part of their learning. Children can have more sensitive skin, and if the earbuds cause irritation, the children might not do the work they're supposed to, rather than asking for a better pair of headphones.

Better Hygiene

Headphones don't go in the ear, so they don't pick up as much earwax. That being said, you do have to wipe down leather, plastic, and other solid materials with an alcohol wipe to keep them clean. If you have headphones that have a spongy foam pad instead, keep a few extra pairs around so you can place clean pads on the headphones as needed.

Open Air

Headphones can be of two types regarding outside noise. There are the ones that block out noise, either through noise-canceling technology or a tight fit, and there are open-air headphones that allow the user to hear noise other than what's coming over the headphones. It sounds counterintuitive, but the open air are better because if there's an emergency, you can hear related noises and announcements. Reserve the closed-ear types for situations where you know you will be wearing them for a short time only.

Earbuds tend to be more sound-exclusive because they usually sit right at the opening to the ear canal. So, there's not a lot of room for outside sound waves to sneak past the earbuds.

Easier Adjustment

It is a lot easier to adjust headphones to fit. With earbuds, either there's no tip, and you have to take a chance that the buds won't fall out, or there's a tip on each bud that has to fit the user's ear canal. You can change the tips, but they are easy to lose.

Headphones just have to have the main band tightened or loosened. For over-the-ear phones, you have to be sure the ear fits under the cushion completely, but that's really the only catch in terms of fitting and adjusting.

If you'd like to learn more about using headphones for study and learning, contact an audio supplier as soon as possible. Technology gets better every day.