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HDMI Cables: How You Can Improve Your Viewing Quality

HDMI cables are also known as a high-definition multimedia interface cable, and they can really enhance the sound and view of your television and DVD movies. Many new models of televisions and DVD players as well as computers and gaming consoles come with a port that lets you plug the HDMI cable directly into the device. You can also purchase a converter piece that will make a USB port into an HMDI port. Here are some tips to help you improve your television and video quality by making sure you get the right HDMI set up.

Choosing a Cable

You can find HDMI cables online, such as at, in electronics stores, and in most major retailers. It's a good idea to choose a cable that is a bit longer than you expect you will need. This will give you extra slack if you plug it into something that needs to be moved later on, or if you realize that the cable has to go a bit longer than expected. Extra slack also helps to prevent too much stress on the delicate connectors inside of the plug. You don't need to purchase a cable that is too expensive. HDMI essentially functions in either on or off mode, so buying one with gold plating will not make much difference in terms of quality. If you need to buy an HDMI cable that is longer than 25 feet, you may want to also use a signal booster since the longer length may affect its signal strength somewhat.

Connecting the Cable

Once you've chosen a cable, it's time to connect it to your devices. Locate the HDMI port on the back of your television set, which should be clearly labeled. Then, find the same port on the back of your output device, whether it is a computer, DVD player, DVR box, or stereo. Newer electronics tend to have multiple HDMI ports available for use. When you plug the cable in, be sure not to force it in. It should fit snugly without any issues, and you will feel it "snap" into place. Once you've plugged the cable into both units, tuck the slack safely away behind your television or fish it into the wall to avoid a trip hazard. Turn on the TV and make sure it is set to the correct input. Most televisions have the HDMI option available so you can easily find it. Once it's set, you can enjoy watching all of your content in amazing clarity.