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2 Ways In Which Transparent Silicone Cases Have A Clear Advantage Over Other iPhone Cases

Depending on where you bought it, the storage capacity and the contract accompanying your purchase, you probably have spent somewhere between $470 and $1,120 for your iPhone 6. Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been found to be more slippery than previous versions and while they are also less likely to break, after falling, 78 percent of owners, such as yourself, have indicated that they would be more comfortable protecting their phones with a case. 

Even though each set of iPhones have been rolled out with a whole host of corresponding cases, it is possible that the clear silicone varieties may offer some hidden benefits that you may not have considered. Here is a couple to muse through and consider. 

Owner advantage

Being among the first 10 million people to purchase an iPhone is special. However, even if you are among the additional millions who picked theirs up in the ensuing weeks, owning an iPhone is worthy of recognition. Unfortunately, many of these cases do not take into consideration the fact that you would want your iPhone logo to show while you have it. And yes, we can acknowledge that the Apple leather and silicone cases come with the logo at the back. However, they are thick enough and opaque so they hide the rich vibrant look of your iPhone (especially the gold one).

The clear silicone cases for iPhone 6 provide all these advantages while still ensuring that they provide adequate grip for the continuous holding and use of your phone. They are also competitively priced as clear silicone cases can be had for as low as $10. And if you have heard that sometimes these change color over time due to contact with sweat on your palms and your fingerprints, you can also find brands that have been treated to prevent this from happening. 

iPhones packaged

The way your iPhone 6 looks and feels in the clear case is also an advantage, especially if you would have preferred to do without a case in the first place. Even though many versions are slim and do not add much bulk to the phone, there are those that are reported to offer drop protection from a height of up to 4 feet and options that come with a military standard 810 grade. Raised sections on these silicone cases can also come in a variety of designs that can help to protect the phone from scratches, scrapes and dents and can even prevent direct contact with a surface, such as the ground, if the phone falls or is placed face-down. 

Another added feature for your phone packaging is that, unlike some of the other metal and wooden material cases, the clear silicone case does not interfere with the quality of the pictures that are taken with the iPhone. This is wonderful since it is estimated that the number 1 reason why people buy the iPhone 6 is due to its superior camera.