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Exterminators Can Use Thermal Cameras To Get Rid Of Pests

If you know that you have some kind of rodent infesting your house, but you are having a hard time getting rid of them or figuring out where they are, it's time to talk to an exterminator. They have tools available to help figure out where and what the pests are and to keep them from coming back. One of the tools they can use is a thermal camera. 

Thermal Camera

A thermal camera uses infrared to detect heat. Hotter objects will show up as brighter images on the screen. Things like walls, floors, and ceilings will show up as dark areas. You, the exterminator, and the pests in your house will show up on the camera as brighter spots. Larger animals or groups that have made a den will be easily identified by the thermal camera. Depending on the sensitivity of the camera and the number of animals that have used any particular area, the exterminator may also be able to see some residual heat from paths or regularly used areas. 

Tracking the Animal

Not only can the exterminator use the thermal camera to track the animal, but they can also determine what kind of animal it is, depending on its size and location. Once the exterminator knows what the animal is and its habits, they can figure out what they will need to get the animal out of your house. That may include doing things like setting up traps or bait stations. 

The exterminator can also use the information they got from using the thermal camera to figure out where the animal is coming in. Once they know where the animal is coming in, the exterminator can block up that hole so that the pests can't get back into your house. For example, if you have bats flying into your attic, the exterminator will do what they can to discourage the bats, They may also come out when it starts to get dark so that they can block up any of the openings that the bats have been using. The exterminator may use the thermal camera again to make sure that the bats are all out of the house before they block the up the holes. 

If you are being troubled by some kind of animal in your house, you should call an exterminator. They can bring in a thermal camera to try to find the animal and get rid of it for you.