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Charging Your Electric Car Without The Bulky Cords And Connectors

It was only a matter of time that electric cars would be able to charge off a wireless vehicle charging solution, and while it is still in the early stages of use, there are some electric cars that can use this technology. Eliminating the need to drag a charging cord to your car and plug it in could offer a lot of benefits and make electric cars even more attractive to potential buyers.

Charging Systems

Currently, if you own an electric car, you need to have a charging station in your garage or have a portable unit that you can drag out to charge the vehicle when it is parked at home. These systems work well, but they can be bulky, and you have to take the time to plug them in when you come home. 

Often that means coming back out to the car after taking things inside and plugging the car in. There are some electric car maker's working with wireless technology to allow your car to charge when you park it using a wireless vehicle charging system to eliminate this process. This could add convenience for the owner and save some space in the garage by removing the large charging system and cables running across the floor. 

Wireless Systems

The wireless charging vehicle systems in development use a large, flat plate mounted to the floor in your garage. The car gets an adapter put under the front of the vehicle, and when you return home, you simply need to park over the plate with the front of your car to allow the induction system to connect and charge the batteries in the car. 

The system is automotive, so there is nothing to remember or deal with. The car just needs to be over the charger for the system to recognize that the vehicle is there and connect the receiver and the charger. The technology involved is very similar to that used to wirelessly charge cell phones or other devices and is offered as an add-on by several electric car companies. 

Outside Use

These wireless vehicle charging systems can be installed outside, so if you do not have a garage, it is possible to put the system in a driveway outside your home. Some manufacturers are already experimenting with putting these chargers in public areas so you could park over one while you were out running errands or at work. The system would top up the charge in your batteries, much the way the current public systems work, but without the cord.